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Meet the Artists! – Masson Mills Exhibition


In only a few weeks, these talented individuals will be exhibiting their artwork at Masson Mills, in the name of charity. We thought we would introduce them to you to pique your interest. Read on to find out more!



Originally from the dramatic and wind-swept north Atlantic coast of Northern Ireland, Andrea Hytch worked in Derbyshire, teaching art and design in various schools.

Now retired and working from her home-based studio in Matlock, she creates paintings in oil and cold wax medium, but also explores monoprinting with acrylics and pen/watercolour illustrations.

Inspired by the local landscape, natural forms and still-life arrangements, her semi-abstract work is vibrant and richly textured. A love of colour prevades throughtout her work, whereby riotous colour combinations are used to build up layers of texture to create detailed surfaces, rich with imagery and pattern.

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Amanda paints vibrant abstract art, her palette bold and impacting. She loves the painting process, her bright and joyful palette expressing her feelings of positivity when immersed in it. Her intention is to communicate those feelings and energies with her audience through colourful marks and energetic, intertwining lines. Her art journey explores themes of “Connection”, inspiration taken from the skylarks singing in the air, and the nature she is surrounded by.

Expect to enjoy the interconnection of birds or dancers and shapes often overlapping. Her Melbourne studio is a self-built barn conversion surrounded by agricultural fields – an ever-changing landscape, that provides inspiration.  

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Inspired by flower forms, architectural elements and her own East Asian cultural influences, Elaine hand-builds ceramic sculptures and homewares from stoneware and porcelain clays. Each piece, embellished by hand-carved elements and repeating patterns, is glazed to enhance their beauty, each glaze, slip or underglaze inspired by a love of colour.

If you like her work, she offers a variety of workshops themed around ceramics and sculpture.

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Giving up her day job in 2019 to focus on photography, Jenny’s life has made a turn for the better. She focuses on design, composition, colour and texture rather than a more literal approach to picture making. Whether a vast vista or something small and intimate, she looks towards simple design with strong values.

Her photography leans towards abstraction which allows her to free her imagination from boundaries and use textures, colours, patterns as a main focus, or to incorporate an element of movement by using intentional camera movement or long exposure. Her love of nature gives her unlimited scope to play with so many elements and despite living many miles from the coast, she is constantly drawn to the colours, movement and simplicity of seascape photography. 

For Jenny, photography is a form of emotional expression, a way of communication, and she is constantly inspired.  Her photography journey is ever-changing and she takes great satisfaction in looking back and seeing how she has developed as a photographer and what she has achieved over a relatively short space of time.

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Jenny Stevenson is a collage and book artist based in Derby. Building on happy childhood memories of cutting and sticking, she loves to combine paper engineering with collage and uses playful elements alongside multiple imagery to show narrative and the passing of time. She enjoys the versatility of paper; its ability to be folded and cut into structural forms and also used as fragments pieced together and layered into abstract collages.

Her inspiration comes from exploring the urban environment. Jenny is drawn to the worn surfaces, structures and details that go unnoticed.

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Established in 2013 in Derby, The Smallprint Company are an artisan letterpress studio providing commission based services, workshops and paper goods for sale.

They combine a love of typography with design to explore the world of traditional letterpress print. Using antique presses, original type, beautiful papers and hand mixed inks, they handset text in the traditional manner.

Projects include (but are not limited to) wedding stationery, business stationery and artists books. They offer regular workshops at the studio for beginners and more experienced letterpress printers. Regular exhibitions by selected artists can be seen in their gallery space.

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Specialising in oil paintings, pottery and print, Paul creates contemporary art pieces, filled with colour and geometric shapes. You can purchase his pieces via his website:

He is also a member of the band the raindogs, who are a Derby-based band. They will be performing at the upcoming charity event at  Masson Mills.

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Meet The Raindogs Who Will Be Performing At Masson Mills in April





Ray Gumbley, is a self-taught fine art portrait, landscape and still life artist using photography.

Gumbley’s interests are in people, art, fashion, street photography, landscapes, bodyscapes, dance, haiku poetry, still life, gothic, tattoos,’ theatre, and burlesque culture.

Gumbley became a full-time self-employed artist in fine art photography in February 2020 and works from his home studio based just outside of Long Eaton, situated between Derby and Nottingham.

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Based in Belper, Sarah is an artist and a creative upholsterer, fascinated by old chair frames and developing an art practice around the materials and skills of traditional upholstery.

If you’ve never seen the work of a chair artist, come along to the event and see the work of a chair artist!🪑

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As a contemporary artist with a love of painting with oils, Steph Trethowan uses colour to express her relationship with her subjects. Her work is influenced by fauvism and expressionism, particularly by artists such as Matisse, Vlaminck and Van Gogh.

She often paints subjects from the natural world reflecting her rural upbringing, although most recently some of her work has been inspired by coastal villages and the old streets and spires of local cities.

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Running a thriving contemporary Studio and Gallery in Wirksworth, near Matlock, she specialises in using a variety of kiln fusing techniques to create her art work, each piece of wall art, sculpture or jewellery. She offers a workshop where you can make your own glass pieces and a gallery that you can go visit.

By hand cutting, layering and firing glass, it brings out an almost colour-changing glittery effect. With the creation of her own artwork, she seeks to capture your attention, give pleasure, encourage you to notice the subtleties within each piece of unique artwork and indulge in some time for you.

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Zaza Lewis illustrates by sketching on black sheet of card, which is then hand-cut using scissors and scalpel, before layering the fabrics; there’s no need to use paint in her work. In her work, she wants to communicate a sense of joy.

She tries to capture the precious and happy moments from her everyday life, whether it be from her garden or a local market, a walk in the fields or in a city – or even if she recieves a bunch of flowers.

By using white often, she allows for the picture to breathe: a bit like a pause, a comma, or a full stop in a sentence. A breathing space is necessary, so the contrasts and colours become even more important.

Born and raised in Pau, South-West of France near the Pyrénées, Zaza has always drawn inspiration from the varied landscapes and colours found in France. Now living with her very own family in Derbyshire, England, she works as a freelance graphic designer and also specialises in historical map making.

Don’t miss the award-winning artwork at the Masson Mills fundraising event, as her art is spectacular!

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Now reintroducing the performers of this event…



Mairead, who will be joined by Hannah Davidson, Jacob Phillips and Kaia Thowsen; is a Leeds-based dance artist and choreographer. Mairead trained at NSCD for 4 years and she has developed work that is extremely fun, maximalist, and, subtly political.

Mairead Rutter O’Connor will lead a performance that is described as “taking the audience to a world where possibilities are shifted”. Deeply curious and incredibly open, Mairead is attracted to all things wild and wonderful, her work made for escapism.


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Meet Mairead Rutter O’Connor Who Will Be Performing At Masson Mills in April






The raindogs, who are a Derby-based band, play an eclectic mix of covers and originals and really know how to put on a show! They will be performing at the upcoming charity event at Masson Mills.

Meet The Raindogs Who Will Be Performing At Masson Mills in April









Last but most definitely not least we have the amazing and prestigious spoken word poet; Mark Gwynne Jones! Mark is well known for his mind-altering and award-winning poetry, and with 4 festival fringe awards under his belt, he doesn’t intend to slow down anytime soon.

Winner of 4 festival fringe awards for Best Spoken Word, Mark has published 6 collections of poetry and appeared in numerous anthologies. Reviewing his collection PsychicBread, Vicki Holman declared it ‘contagious, gritty, and sometimes startlingly sensitive.

‘Inspired… one of the most accomplished performance poets in the land…drawing the audience into a world where things are not quite what they seem’ The Guardian

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All are welcome to our fundraiser event in Masson Mills, and with these artists exhibiting and performing, you know you will have a fab time!

Buy a ticket right here, for only £30!


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