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Do you love the arts just as much as we do? By donating via our Give As You Live page, through Facebook, or shopping with AmazonSmile and choosing us as your charity, you’re helping to support us to keep on doing what we love, which is to bring Derbyshire’s creative industry more recognition and bring art to a wider audience.

There are plenty of ways to donate, so let us show you how.

Donate As You Shop With AmazonSmile

Do you shop with Amazon? Did you know you could contribute to our charity while making usual purchases at no additional cost to you?

By shopping through the Amazon Smile website which you can switch to after logging into your regular Amazon account, you can select Arts Derbyshire as your chosen charity to support, and go through your shopping experience as usual while amazon donates a small percentage of the money you spent to our cause.

You can also use the Smilematic browser extension, which can be downloaded via, and never miss your chance to donate to us! Simply download the free browser extension, which is compatible with most leading search engines, add it to your tool bar, click the icon and slide to activate before you make your purchase.

Once the extension is activated, your Amazon search will automatically open as, saving you time and hassle at checkout to check you’ve made your donation.

Download the free browser extension here and give whilst you shop.

Make A Facebook Charity Donation

We’ve registered Arts Derbyshire as a charity on Facebook. This means that if you post and tag us on Facebook, you will get the option to add a donations button for us from your timeline. Please do use this and help us to collect donations from your followers on social media.


Create A Facebook Fundraiser

We’d be delighted if you created a fundraiser for Arts Derbyshire, and it’s so simple to do.  Simply click this link to get started: 


Donating Through Give As You Live

Donate Directly With A One-Off Donation

Just click the button below to make a one-off donation to our charity via Give As You Live. A really simple way to donate with minimum hassle and that would be hugely appreciated by the volunteer team that runs Arts Derbyshire!

Donate through Give as you Live Donate


Set Up A Direct Debit To Make A Regular Contribution

You can also set up a recurring donation by Direct Debit to Arts Derbyshire if you’d like to donate a small, regular sum.

Donate through Give as you Live Donate


Donate As You Shop With Give As You Live

By creating an account on Give As You Live and choosing Arts Derbyshire as your chosen charity, you will be donating to our charity without it costing you a penny.  Just login to your Give As You Live account and then shop as normal on your favourite websites.


Buy A Gift Card

If you are looking for a gift but can’t decide on what to give, Give As You Live now also offer gift cards at all of your favourite retail outlets, helping us at the same time by making a contribution at no extra cost to you. Two gifts for the price of one!

Donate as you shop at no extra cost to you with Give As you Live


Become A Fundraiser

Become a fundraising hero for Arts Derbyshire! By registering yourself and your fundraising event, your sponsorship money raised is instantly donated to our charity without any further admin needed from you to collect or get the cash to us.



PayPal Giving Fund

PayPal Giving Fund differs from a regular PayPal donation due to the fact that it gathers donations raised through different giving programs. Through it, whenever you use PayPal, eBay, or many other online platforms you can choose to donate to Arts Derbyshire to help support our cause.


Arts Derbyshire Charitable Incorporated Organisation,

c/o Alfreton Library,

Severn Square,


Derbyshire DE55 7BQ

Charity no. 1184423

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