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Frequently asked questions are below. If your question does not appear here, please email

Q. What is artsderbyshire? 

 The artsderbyshire website is managed by the Derbyshire County Council on behalf of Arts Derbyshire, and funded by the council and all the district & borough councils in Derbyshire.

Q. Who is Arts Derbyshire? 

 Arts Derbyshire is a partnership of those arts organisations in the county committed to working together on strategic arts development. The Derbyshire Arts Partnership and the Derbyshire Arts Development Group have joined together to form this new organisation.

Q. What does Arts Derbyshire do? 

  Further information on Arts Derbyshire and its projects can be found on the about uspage.

Signing-in and passwords

Q. How do I change my password? 

 To change your password, first sign-in. The 'sign-in' link is on the top-left corner of any page in the website. Use your current username and password to sign-in. One you have signed-in, click on the 'edit my details' tab that will appear in the top left hand area of every page on the website once you've signed-in.  On the 'Edit my details' page there is a 'change sign-in details' box. Enter your current password in this box, and then enter a new password and enter it again to confirm your new password.  Then click 'save changes' at the bottom of the page.

Q. I have forgotten my password, how do I retrieve it? 

 To regenerate a password you need to click sign-in and then click ' forgotten password'. An email will be sent to your email address with a new password. Your username will be stated in the subject line of the email. You will then be able to sign-in and change your password back to one of your choice via the 'Edit My Details' tab.

Q. I can’t remember if I’m signed up or not. What do I do? 

 First, look for an email from in your email inbox. This contains the username and password that you will have originally signed up to artsderbyshire with. If you can't find this information, you can email stating your name, address and email address. The Helpdesk Editor will be able to find out if you have registered, and can remind you of your username.


Q. Is it free to get a listing on artsderbyshire? 

 Yes. It is currently free for artists and arts organisations to get a free directory listing, and to submit events and venues to artsderbyshire. It is funded by Derbyshire County Council, Amber Valley Borough Council, Bolsover District Council, Chesterfield Borough Council, Derbyshire Dales District Council, Erewash Borough Council, High Peak Borough Council, North Eeast Derbyshire Distrcit Council.

Q. I am not sure if I am counted as an artist, can I get a directory listing? 

 artsderbyshire is about promoting ALL arts activity in Derbyshire and Derby City, whatever the artform. You can get a directory listing whether, you are a professional or amateur, voluntary or commercial, mainstream or underground artist or arts organisation. So yes, please do register!

Q. I live outside Derbyshire but do some work in Derbyshire. Can I still get a directory listing? 

 Yes you can. artsderbyshire prioritises artists who live and work in the county, but we still want to include artists who do some work in Derbyshire.

Q. Where can I get funding for my arts activity? 

 There is a list of funding links and funding advice sites on the ‘links’ page of artsderbyshire.

Q. How do I get a directory listing? 

 To get a directory listing as an artist or an arts organisation, click on the registerbutton that can be found in the top left corner of any page on the website. Click the checkbox entitled 'add my artist/arts organisation details to the directory' (and if you want to receive newsletters, tick the ones you want to receive too). Then, click on the 'Subscribe now' button. This will take you to the artists directory form. Fill in the form and click 'Subscribe' at the end.

To get a directory listing as a venue visit the venue registration page and fill in the online form and click the 'add venue' button at the bottom of the form.

To add your events to the What's On directory listings visit the What's On registration page and fill in the online form and click the 'create event' button.

Q. How do I edit my artist's or arts organisation details? 

 You will need to sign-in, which you can do by clicking the sign-in button that appears in the top left corner across the website. A username and password box will appear. Type in your username and password and then click sign-in. Next, click on the 'Edit my details' link. This will appear in the top left-hand corner once you have successfully signed-in. A form will appear with your details on it. You can now edit any of your details, or add an image to your entry. Make sure you do not delete any of the mandatory fields, which are marked with an asterisk. When you have finished editing your details, click the 'Save changes' button at the end of the form. Once you have done this, the changes you have made will appear on artsderbyshire immediately.

Q. How do I add an image to my directory listing? 

 To add an image to your directory listing, you need to sign-in, and then go to the 'edit my details' page. Scroll down to the section of the form with the heading 'change the image for your listing'. Click the 'browse' button to look in the files on your computer for a suitable image. Make sure that the image you choose is either .jpg or .gif format, and that its file size is not too big - around 200 to 300KB is about right. You must also make sure that you have permission to use the image. When you have found a suitable image, click 'open' which will insert the image on the artsderbyshire form. Click on 'save changes' at the bottom of the form to finish adding your image. The image should appear immediately on your profile, so do go and check it looks how you want it.

Q. How do I become a featured artist? 

 It will help if you put a quality image on your directory listing. All our featured artists appear alongside an image representing their work and we are always looking out for eye-catching images to include in our editorial. artsderbyshire changes the featured artists regularly and pick artists randomly, ensuring a balance of artforms and arts sectors are displayed.

Q. Is there a discussion forum for artists on artsderbyshire? 

 We do not have a discussion forum right now, but are looking into developing this facility in a further phase of the artsderbyshire project. If you think that this facility would be useful, get in touch with the editor on to let us know your thoughts.

Q. I am a writer. Can artsderbyshire publish my work? 

 We don't publish fictional work, but we are always keen to receive articles for our Advice and information section. 
We are also accepting reviews written by the public to be added to the 'reviews' tab of the 'news' section of the site. If you want to submit your work, simply email it to with the subject line 'Review'.

Q. Why can’t I upload an audio or a video files? 

 We aren't able to upload audio or video files to artists' directory listings.   However, we have upgraded our old minisites system and now recommend our users use a tool called Weebly for promoting their work.  Through Weebly you can upload audio and video files.  Additionally, you can use the 'website' field in your artists directory listing on artsderbyshire to point at a Weebly minisite so that readers can find out more about your audio/visual work.

Artists' minisites

Q. What are artists' minisites?

 Artists' minisites were previously available as a free add-on to all registered artists and arts organisations who had artists' directory profiles published on the website.  In March 2011 we made some significant changes to the artsderbyshire website that affected the artists' minisites tool.  We now recommend our users use a hosting tool called Weebly.  Weebly is a free hosting tool that is simple to use and offers a wider range of functionality.

Q. I had an old minisite.  What happened to it?
A. All artists who had published minisites until the changeover point in March 2011 had their minisite moved over to Weebly.  We sent out emails to all affected artists and arts organisations in March 2011.  Check your email for details specific to you.  If you can't find the email, or have deleted it, then get in touch with us and we can help you retrieve your minisite details.  Email us at

Q. Why is Weebly better?
A. Weebly has a whole host of extra functions.  For example you can now upload video and other multimedia files; style text with different fonts; embolden and italicise; change the header images and the look and feel of the minisite – all at the click of a button. 

You can also now make links to other websites and, for the more technically minded, it’s possible to choose your own website address to give you a free website that has a more professional feel without having to pay for a Web Designer and a hosting company.  

The ‘drag and drop’ technology also makes it easier to make a more attractive design.  It’s much simpler to position images alongside text and resize them as you need to.

There is additional Weebly help on how to edit your Weebly minisite here.


Q. How do I find out about arts activities and events in Derbyshire? 

 You can search or browse for arts events, activities and training on the ' What's on' page of artsderbyshire.

Q. How can I tell people about my arts event? 

 You can submit your arts event to the 'What's on' section of artsderbyshire. Follow the 'add an arts event' link on the homepage and the 'tell us about it' link on the 'what's on' search page. Follow the onscreen prompts to fill in the form. All arts events will be published within seven days of receipt, at the discretion of the Editor. Some arts events are also included in the newsletter that goes out to audiences and the general public. If you send an image for your event to it will stand a better chance of being chosen as the 'featured event' on the homepage of artsderbyshire.

Q. My 'add an event' form is returning with an error message, but I can't find the error. 

 If your form is returning with an error, you should be able to see all errors marked in red, above the problem field in question. Common areas that are overlooked are:

  • Near the bottom of the form, there is a choice of repeating your event or not. It is a yes or no choice and you have to choose one of these options.

  • The web address must be in a format similar to the following or (where the 'transfer protocol' is needed as well as the wwws. A 'transfer protocol' is the http:// or ftp:// part of the web address).

  • Email addresses should be keyed in - occasionally if cut and pasted from another program such as Microsoft Word, the copied characters and fonts can cause problems.

  • Do not put any spaces before or after your email address, also a common mistake.

Q. My arts event is happening outside Derbyshire but involves Derbyshire artists. Can it be included in the what's on section? 

 Yes it can. We are able to include events that feature Derbyshire artists outside the county, but, sorry we can't include events outside Derbyshire that don't feature any Derbyshire artists.

Q. Can I join a mailing list to be kept informed of what's on? 

 Yes. If you would like to receive regular information regarding up and coming events you can 'subscribe' to any one of the three artsderbyshire email newsletters.


Q. How do I add an arts venue to artserbyshire? 

 You can submit your arts venue to the 'find a venue' section of artsderbyshire. Follow the 'add a venue' link on the homepage or the 'tell us about it' link on the 'find a venue' search page. Follow the onscreen prompts to fill in the form. All arts venues will be published within seven days of receipt, at the discretion of the Editor.

Q. How do I find a venue? 

 To find a venue on artsderbyshire, go to the 'find a venue' page, and then either search for your specific requirements, or browse for a venue using the right-hand side panel. The browse feature allows you to browse by venue type, seating capacity - standing or seated, facilities, and accessibility.

Q. How do I get to an arts venue  by public transport? 

 Derbyshire has an excellent public transport network.

Maps of public transport in Derbyshire can be found at

Traveline offers a telephone service on 0871 200 22 33 from 7am to 9pm daily. Calls cost 10p per minute. visit for more information.

The East Midlands Journey Planner is an online bus and train information service.

The Timetable Finder can display and print out complete timetables for particular bus services.

Information is also available from the bus companies who operate in Derbyshire: Trent BartonStagecoach and Arriva.

The Derbyshire Wayfarer is a day rover ticket allowing virtually unlimited bus and train travel throughout Derbyshire for a whole day. 

Cycling along Sustrans cycle routes is a great way to visit arts events in Derbyshire - Sustrans is commited to including public art along their cycleways, and some fine examples can be seen on their Derbyshire routes. Cycle maps of Derbyshire are available free, from Sustrans.


Q. Can I join a mailing list to be kept informed of what's on? 

 Yes. If you would like to receive regular information regarding up and coming events you can 'subscribe' to the What's On email newsletter. If you are already listed as an artist or arts organisation in our Directory listings, then simply sign-in and update your account details.

Q. Can I join a mailing list for updates on all the latest opportunities, funding and jobs in the arts? 

 Yes. If you would like to receive regular information the latest opportunities, funding and jobs in the arts you can ' subscribe' to the artist's news e-bulletin. If you are already listed as an artist or arts organisation in our Directory listings, then simply sign-in and update your account details.

Searching artsderbyshire

Q. I am looking for an artist for a commission, workshop etc. How do I find the right one? 

 The directory of artists and arts organisations on artsderbyshire will help you narrow down your search. If you are clear about what you want, you can search for an artist who does the kind of work you are looking for. You need to make contact with artists directly to decide which one will best suit your project. Alternatively you can send your commissions or calls for artists to for inclusion in the artists newsletter. This way, you get to tell artists exactly what you are looking for and how they can apply if it fits in with their skills, interests and work programme.

Q. Is the information on artsderbyshire available in other languages? 

 artsderbyshire aims to be as accessible as possible. We would like to cater for speakers of other languages, but are sorry that we currently don't have the capacity to do so.

For now, please use online translation sites like:

Featured artists

Angela Thompson

Angela Thompson

Paula Sharples

Paula Sharples

Richard Bett

Richard Bett


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