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Sylvia Royal Art

I consider myself to be more of an ‘expressionist artist’ which means I’m not so interested in the object but more about the emotion of the subject.
For example, my painting ‘too many books’. The emotion behind this painting was the books which played a big part of my life when growing up, they were a great comfort to me. Another example is my painting called  ‘my space’ In this painting is a brown mug with flecks of paint on the rim. This belonged to my mother, she used it for water when she painted. Each emotion evokes a different response.
As a professional artist I work in a wide range of artist materials to describe and create a piece of work. A painting is a perfect example of how this is a distinguished description of the type of paint used as well as the support it was painted on, with collage it’s all about different materials onto a surface.
Finally, a  composition is an object, or a collection of abstract images assembled using various materials. A lot of my inspiration comes from the places I have seen, the different buildings within landscapes that surrounds them, the structure and design of a particular building. An old building which has been left to crumble, a rustic door hanging off its hinges, the shapes, texture, and colour of certain objects.
When observing buildings or open landscapes, it evokes a feeling of beauty, relaxation, or happiness; similarly, visual images trigger sadness or darkness which can be described in my composition.
Whatever the subject or method, I must feel the emotion otherwise it’s not going to happen

Creative Genre

  • All media but I really enjoy abstract collage

Work Undertaken

  • Painting and Drawing Classes for Adults. Pottery Classes

Work in Education

  • Teaching Surgeons art at Royal Derby Hospital. Teaching for Leicestershire Education Authority.



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