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Duende 4 day Retreat to Awaken Your Primal Creative Body

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This September, you are invited to unfurl the spirit of duende; passion, charm & magnetism! An explorative 4-day luxury retreat to awaken your primal creative body through curious self inquiry, play and embodiment happening on the 2nd – 5th September
What does “Duende” mean?
(n.)dwen-de in Spanish or doo-en-dey in English
The mysterious power of art to deeply move a person
Taking inspiration from children and animals, we will awaken the creative primal self – the one that is innately curious about the world. It’s our journey to rediscover these lost and forgotten parts, and to welcome them back home. The most unique and universal expressions of our humanity occur in the moments when we are in tune with our animal, childlike nature. Whether curled up in our sleep beside our lover or child, or ravaging a perfectly prepared meal, our most basic human needs show us as the animals we are.
Let your wild, unpredictable animal nature come alive!
The beautifully secluded venue in the Peak District gives us the opportunity to explore and express all parts of our unapologetic selves.
Duende is the fire in your belly, the passion in your heart and the roaring courage that sings from your soul. Through verbal, non verbal, somatic and physical embodiment practices you will tap into your body’s natural urges, desires, fears and creativity to increase emotional awareness and confidence.
As your listening skills develop you will get to know yourself in new ways, and have a better understanding of who you are and what you need. There will be an opportunity to show off your duende spirit at the cabaret within a safe, warmly held and supportive environment.
“Absolutely incredible, life changing session. Dani is an amazing facilitator who really helps you to embrace your inner child, be silly and play. She transports you to another world and I will be implementing the things she taught us into my everyday life.”
Throughout the retreat you will be invited to experiment through playful & tender investigation to uncover the enchanting magic of Duende. Together we’ll create kinship & community where we feel supported to release and fully embrace who we are.
The practices we will be exploring to connect with our wild core & duende spirit are;
– Inner listening & self-knowledge – Practicing self-awareness verbally & non verbally through the body.
– Sharing Circles & reflections – Creating safe containers for connection.
– Nature Connection & Dance – Attune to natures wisdom and your own somatic rhythm.
– Vocal exploration – to warm up our voices so we can fully express Embodied Writing – Bringing unity with mind & body through written word.
– Embodiment & Somatics – Learning to listen to the sensations of the body and releasing emotional blocks.
– Play & Storytelling – Discovering your edge! Improv games & authentic relating exercises to help us connect to our child-like selves, boost confidence & melt away inhibitions.
– Soothing Performance Anxiety – You will learn how to soften inhibitions and soothe nervous energy.

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