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Love Letters From The Earth Age

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Jenny Marshall presents “Love Letters from the Earth Age,” her debut solo exhibition at Banks Mill Studios from 1st to 16th August 2024,   with a preview  drinks reception  1st August 4-8pm. Featuring abstract mixed media, paintings, sculptures, and articulated works, the exhibition vividly captures the region’s geological richness, blending imagery and poetry to explore the earth’s beauty and advocate  environmental stewardship.

Central to Marshall’s artistic ethos is sustainability. She employs reclaimed and restored wood in her creations, breathing new life into materials that would otherwise be discarded. This practice not only underscores her commitment to eco-friendly methods but also establishes a tangible link to the natural world she passionately portrays.

What to expect

Abstract Mixed Media Paintings: Layered compositions evoke the textures and complexity of Derbyshire’s geological features, blending organic forms with poetic elements.

Sculptures: Constructed from reclaimed and found wood from the region, sculptures offer tactile explorations of the ground’s hidden beauty, inviting viewers to connect physically with themes of sustainability and natural preservation.

Articulated Works: Interactive pieces that respond to touch, encouraging deeper engagement and collaboration with the viewer and build an immersive experience.

“Love Letters from the Earth Age” transcends traditional exhibitions, fostering a profound dialogue between artist and environment. Through her innovative use of materials and deep reverence for the natural world, Jenny Marshall prompts reflection on our planet’s beauty, human impact, and the imperative of sustainable practice

Joins us for the drinks reception and preview on 1st August 2014, 4-8pm at Banks Mill Studios to experience the captivating spirit and timely message of “Love Letters from the Earth Age” to explore Derbyshire’s underground splendour and celebrate Jenny Marshall’s poignant artistic vision.

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