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Susie the Sloth children story time and breath work event at Wirksworth Book Fest!

Charlotte Marsh from Benefits of Better Breathing  is a Pilates and breathing technique instructor based in Derbyshire, she is running two courses for children at Wirksworth book festival in order to teach them valuable lessons about breathing and pilates for children and parents in a fun and engaging way for all!

🦥 Susie Sloth enters a magical tree tunnel and crawls out to find a whole new world awaits!

🦥 She makes new friends with amazing animals who all have a special skill but can anyone guess her secret superpower?

🦥 Packed with fascinating animal facts, your child will be poking their tongue out & amazed at Susie’s superpower.

🦥 A sweet session full of wriggles and giggles and a well-being boost for little bodies and minds.

🦥 It’s also an excellent way to foster a connection between you and your child, helping you to prioritise healthy habits at home.

It’s is now widely accepted that movement and nature are more helpful interventions for mental health than talk therapy alone. So her goal is to introduce Pilates to children, a mind:body activity that can be done by anybody, anywhere.

Mats will be provided for each child, so shoes off and comfy clothing recommended.

Starts at 1pm

(Follow up: “Better breathing with Susie Sloth” session available at 3pm)


An energetic , playful introduction to Breathwork for kids. Join in with fun games as they learn Susie’s secret code for better breathing. Based upon this popular story, they will figure out her clues to crack her code. There’s bound to be giggles as they play with clown shoes, a giant parachute and flying soft toys, a poo emoji cushion, loud party blowers, light feathers and more.

Once the code has been cracked, Charlotte will practise 5 important breathing exercises for key moments in a child’s day:

🫁- smiling breath; for gratitude
🫁- taking control breath; a brain reset button
🫁- box breath; for focus
🫁- holding your breath; for healthier blood biochemistry
🫁- relaxing breath; for snoozing like a sloth

With high levels of anxiety and school absenteeism, teaching kids that they have an influence over their breathing – which in turn alters how they can handle their emotions – is vital.

Before mindfulness can be effective, people firstly need to work with the nervous system and address breathing patterns.

Starts at 3:00PM

(This session follows a “Storytime with Susie Sloth“ session at 1pm)

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