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Stainsby Festival 2022 …And – We’re Back

Yes that’s right, we’re back full of the joys of Spring. And, along with the flowers, the planning for this year’s Stainsby is leaping into action – well creaking anyway. Unless there’s a sudden outbreak of new Greek letters (Omega, anyone?), this year’s Stainsby Festival is from the 15th-17th July. Here we are in April and it’s looking good.

Now, the poet T S Eliot said “April is the cruellest month”. We beg to differ. Why? Because in April you can buy your Stainsby EarlyBird Weekend tickets right through to the end of the month and what’s more they’re on sale now. (Oi! What’s all this sudden outbreak of culture? Greek, 20thC poets, what next? Latin and quotes from Virgil? -Ed)

Fortune Favours the Bold

Yeah! why not? Virgil was a bit of a knocker outer of ace phrases like: “Chance favours those who get stuck in”. Well, roughly translated anyway. (Dog rough, I’d say – Ed). So on that principle, whizz on down to the Emporium (stoppit! -Ed)) later in this newsletter and be brave, buy now and you’ll save a small fortune. Well, ten quid off the gate price can’t be bad, can it? Though, actually, you don’t have to be that brave because…

We Favour Everyone

In the event of any more Covid alarms, our famous three Rs guarantee comes into play: Refund, Rollover or err..Donate (I suppose two out of three’s not bad for you – Ed). Speaking of rollover, if you had a email from us confirming your rollover, you don’t need to contact us again. You’re on the list. If you didn’t let us know about outstanding tickets and want to claim them, it’d be great if you’d send an email to so’s we can have them all sorted for you by the time you get to the gate. Ta!


So, if you do need to do some shopping for tickets this year, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. With inflation ripping through everyone’s budgets including, sadly, our own (Oh, spare me the mournful violins, please – Ed), we’ve had to make price increases but we’ve kept them all to the absolute bare minimum in all our interests.

▪ EarlyBird Weekend (until May 1st)……£80
▪ Adult Weekend (after May 1st)…………£85
▪ Weekend (on the gate)…………………….£90
▪ Youth Weekend (anytime)………………..£35

EarlyBird Weekend (until May 1st)……£80


Adult Weekend (after May 1st)…………£85


Weekend (on the gate)…………………….£90


Youth Weekend (anytime)………………..£35

The sooner you buy, the more you save and it couldn’t be simpler, just……. Click Here


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