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New projects by Luzinterruptus

We wanted to present you two projects that we have developed, with the hope of being able to carry them out in the not too distant future.


(Plastic) Full Moon / Luna Llena (de plástico).

We saw that in China they had created a giant moon for dark nights, and we know of other artists who have used large stars in their work. So, without setting a precedent, we are not being totally original in proposing a large lunar sphere, although of course ours will be in «our style».

And the fact is that imagining the moon, full of all the plastic waste that we can’t fit on earth, is a not so dystopian hypothesis… we sense that the next trips to space will be loaded with everything that we can’t or don’t want to recycle in these civilised countries in which we live.

The piece will be very present in the city’s skyline, offering a surrealist vision that will be hard to forget. On the contrary, the intention is to make it look like something alarming and that while it hangs over our heads it is sending us messages that make us reflect.


We don’t want to show it just as a light show but as a warning from the sky of what we are losing, what we are generating and what we are degrading with the overexploitation to which we are subjecting the planet. It also raises the question of who will be the owners of these universes that are still uncolonised.


The moon will be raised by a large crane, which the public will perceive as part of the installation. This element is extremely important because it makes us think of all the natural life that is being lost and replaced by artificial scenarios perfectly designed according to the tastes of a society that demands spectacle and extraordinary experiences over real life.

To carry it out, we start from a giant ball formed by a light structure created from the modules. Each separate piece will be filled with plastic waste of all kinds, obtained from local consumption, which will be sewn into the mesh. When all the pieces are ready, they will be joined together to form our plastic moon.



It will then be elevated and illuminated with spotlights, which will change colour temperature to turn it into a golden sun during daylight hours.

Plastic Full Moon is a piece we devised in 2019 and since then we have been striving to bring it to fruition, as it gives a pertinent message in these times of lunar travel and excessive plastic rubbish. We have now had the opportunity to further develop the project for the Lichtparcour Festival and our fingers are crossed that we can finally see it produced in Brunswick in 2024.










Drawing the Drought / Dibujando la sequía.


This summer is being the hottest one ever since we have temperature records. Scientific evidence is showing that this is just the beginning of a dramatic increase that is directly related to the usage of fossil fuels and the overexploitation of natural resources around the planet.

One of the consequences of global warming is drought, which is devastating the world and is manifesting itself in the form of a food crisis, fires, floods, and severe illnesses such as allergies, breathing disorders and deaths due to high temperatures.


Although our civilized society does not question the universal right to water, scarcity is not affecting all the citizens equally, thus provoking a true ‘water gap’ since the city elites are spoiling water for their own leisure while the most vulnerable groups are the ones suffering the real effects of such scarcity.

Appalled by the images of dry reservoirs, barren fields and vast terrains cracked by the lack of water, we have decided to rescue our piece Drawing the Drought which we carried out back in 2019 in La Jarosa, a reservoir near Madrid. We want to make it bigger in order to add more dramatism to it.

As always in our work, the idea is simple and accessible to everyone. Our intention is to evince the loss of water in natural environments. For this reason, we need a large extension of cracked deserted land, preferably a dry reservoir or riverbed. We will draw large circles with light following the pattern of the cracks on the ground.


The material will evidently be quite basic: just LED strip lights that we will place inside the cracks, a grid connection, and patience for the drawing…





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