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Artcore Newsreel May – June 2023


MAY – JUNE 2023



We are thrilled to announce that our Gallery’s refurbishment has been an incredible success as was the Holi Hai! An exhibition that ended on June 3. This stunning show opened to a fabulous evening comprising the who’s who of Derby’s cultural community. It displayed lens-based artworks created during our International Artist Residency in India earlier this March by Nikki Culley, Huw Davies, Phil Basi from UK and Masood Sarwer from India.

If you have not visited our newly refurbished Gallery space yet, then now is the perfect time!

The artists from the Building Bridges Residency are also back from Osnabruck in Germany – Derby’s twin city. Martin Hyde and Caroline Ainsworth have created several artworks while in Osnabruck and will be creating more in Derby. The exhibition of their artworks will open on August 4th.

The Untitled Residency is well under way,  and we cannot wait to see the works of artists Emily Bottomer and Nicki Dennett on June 23rd  when it will be launched. We hope to see you at Artcore then!

We are happy to share that the Darley Swifts art project which looked at the declining population of Swifts in our neighbourhood has been successfully completed. The final artworks created by the students at Walter Evans will be showcased at Darley Park on June 22nd. Do join us at Darley Park!

Finally, we want to wish you all a wonderful summer ahead. We have many exciting events planned at Artcore during the sunny summer weeks, so do keep a lookout!



Important Updates



Job Opportunities




We are looking for a well-organised and enthusiastic Administrator who will help manage the duties of our busy, creative office.

The Administrator will be responsible for ensuring that accurate records are kept, and that our systems and files are appropriately maintained and updated. The Administrator will assist all members of the team, by relaying messages, and disseminating timely reminders, supporting the work of the creative team, by fulfilling administrative duties relating to the success of our programmes. This will include collating data from feedback and evaluation forms, in addition to those from our annual surveys.

Project Officer:

We are looking for an efficient  and proactive Project Officer who will help support the planning, organisation and implementation of our programme of activities. We are looking for the right individual who displays a real passion for the arts.

The Project Officer should be able to apply his/her/their knowledge and understanding of skilled short- and long-term planning to deliver creative activities successfully. He/she/they will assist the Programme Producer and act as the initial point of contact, answering any questions or concerns pertaining to new registrations for our programmes. The role will also provide opportunities to oversee our volunteer programme.

Application Deadline: Monday 12th June by midnight.

To apply, visit:


Untitled – Exhibition Opening


Artcore would like to invite all of  you to the launch of “Untitled” on Friday evening, June 23rd.  It showcases the works of artists, Nicki Dennett and Emily Bottomer, who recently completed a two-month Drawing-based residency at Artcore. During this time, they focused on exploring the art of drawing and its significance in their practices.

Through her on-going art practice, Emily Bottomer explores the complexities of her identity and past experiences as a working-class British woman who grew up in a mixed Christian setting. Using techniques that are both laborious and time-intensive, her processes are equally as important as the artworks she produces. With graphite, charcoal and paints she creates works that explore shadow and darkness in the presence of vivid, luminous colour. Often creating larger works in the expanded field, Bottomer explores the validity and importance of both drawing and painting in contemporary fine art.

Nicki Dennett’s art is deeply rooted in Nature, drawing inspiration from changing seasons, patterns and textures of the landscape, and the way light falls on surfaces. The use of colour is also a prominent feature, with bold, bright hues that capture the energy and vitality of the natural world. Her work resonates with viewers of all ages and backgrounds, offering a unique perspective on the world around us. Whether depicting the beauty of nature or the complexity of human emotion, her work is a celebration of life, energy, and creativity.

Book your FREE place:

Venue: Artcore Gallery – 8 Albert Street, Osnabruck Square, Derby DE1 2DS
Exhibition Opening Date & Time – Friday, 23rd June 2023, 6pm – 8pm
Exhibition – 23rd June – 22nd July

Untitled is a Drawing-based Residency for artists from East Midlands looking to hone their skills in Drawing and reflect on the role of the medium, both in their individual practices as well as the larger world today.


Evocative Expressions


We are pleased to share that Artcore Patron, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Derbyshire, Elizabeth Fothergill CBE, is hosting ‘Evocative Expressions’; an exclusive fine art exhibition on 9thJune 2023 at the Artcore Gallery.

The event will support local artists and the Artcore charity in community driven programmes that gives back to society. There are opportunities to support local artists by investing in original artworks, engaging in artist talks as well as a chance meeting the artists through creative networking. Experience a delicious selection of delights from our vegan and vegetarian café and a chance to engage in a hands-on art activity.

Please note: This is an invite-only event. If you have not received an invitation but would like to be considered please contact us on


Holi Hai! Exhibition and Gallery Reopening



The most awaited Holi Hai! exhibition opened on May 16th! This was also the grand re-opening of our Artcore Gallery after major refurbishment! We were so honoured to have the Mayor of Derby, Councillor Robin Wood and High Sheriff of Derbyshire, Theresa Peltier inaugurate the building!

We had such great fun welcoming everyone with splashes of colour to reminisce the festival of Holi in India!

Our Residency artists, Nikki Culley, Masood Sarwer, Huw Davies and Phil Basi showcased their work in film and photography, that they captured during Holi (the festival of colours). The artists visited the tribal-rich district of Chhota Udepur, located in the westernmost state in India, Gujarat, earlier in March 2023. They immersed themselves in the festivities, traditions and culture. Through their work, they shared their stories with us and the talent of these artists was exceptional.

The Gallery opening times are Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am – 4.30pm. 





BUILDING BRIDGES: Artcore and Hase29 International Residency in Osnabruck


Nearing the end of May, some of us from the Artcore team joined our selected Artists in Residence, Martin Hyde and Caroline Ainsworth for the Building Bridges Residency in Osnabruck, Germany. The artists worked in our partner gallery, Hase29, using this unusual opportunity to create exciting artworks as a response to their exploration of Derby’s twin city – Osnabruck.

Heiko Schlatermund – Chair, Felix Nussbaum Museum and Member, City Council of Osnabruck, took the Artcore team to the Town Hall. Here we witnessed a scaled model of Osnabruck city with its original walls. Along with the artists, we visited many museums and galleries to get a taste of the contemporary arartcene in Osnabruck.

The work of the artists will be installed in our gallery on August 4th 2023.


Artcore – Building Bridges Residency in Osnabruck, Germany.


Terra – Ceramic Residency


Artcore is excited to announce a new local Residency opportunity focused on Ceramics. This Terra-Ceramic Residency is a chance for artists to explore the rich history of Ceramic Art in Derby and the wider Midlands region, and to create their own unique pieces inspired by this tradition.

If you’re a UK-based local, regional or national artist with a passion for ceramics, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to hone your skills, push your creative boundaries, and connect with other artists and art enthusiasts in the community. Apply now and become a part of the vibrant and thriving creative scene in Derby!

Deadline: 28th June 2023

To find out more or to apply, please visit:


Reimagine Event



At Artcore we, are proud to have been one of the partners of the Re-imagine Project co-ordinating the Normanton and Arboretum Hub over the past four years. It has been fantastic to see groups of young people build their confidence with each project, with individuals displaying such enthusiasm and creativity. We have seen the Re-imagine Project create a lasting legacy for the young people involved, with many making pledges for how they are going to go out and make a difference in the world that they live in, successfully reinforcing the idea that together we can make the real difference.

In this year’s Re-imagine project, Artcore worked with young people throughout the Normanton and Arboretum Hub, who responded to the theme of Re-imagine by creating artworks around the impact of global warming. They were involved in designing and developing responses to help deepen their understanding, through sustainable making and crafting.

At our Community Hub (Charnwood Street), polymer clay artist and silversmith, Fiona Adamson led the sessions. The group investigated different body adornments, headwear and costumes from around the world including those from theatre, carnivals, festivals and other performance art forms. Children were introduced to packaging items that we usually consider to be litter and were tasked with an activity to make props from it using minimal to no fixtures. Sessions continued with story-telling and dance sequences, and an opportunity to design their own ‘Derby City Saviour’!

It was amazing to see the imaginative ideas children came up with and the features they added to their character profiles. They explored key ideas around Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The Re-imagine sessions also took place in 3 schools with artist Chris Wright — Zaytouna Primary School, Pear Tree Junior School and St James Junior School. In these sessio,ns students produced a fantastic range of headwear. The school-children worked hard to produce incredible and imaginative outcomes which were displayed at the Re-imagine Celebration Day at Derby Theatre. Our Re-imagine workshops and final outcomes were also documented in a film which was premiered at Derby Theatre on the Re-imagine Celebration Day.

“Working on the Re-imagine project was such a great opportunity! I got to work with some fantastic students, who despite not having any dance experience or having the confidence to dance, they all put their best foot forward and through nurturing and bonding through our two workshops we created a fantastic piece. This only stipulates that if we work together as human beings we will win. So to the students who participated in my workshops, thank you so much! It was such an honour working with you.” – Kim Jones, Movement Facilitator.


What Artists Do


In April, we got a unique opportunity to engage with professional artists, and practice skills in collage and watercolour painting with them. What Artists Do  was a special event where Hatchery Artists and Le Labo des Arts from UK, France and Canada displayed their on-going work in person and online at Artcore Gallery!

Artists who were present in person were,  Chris A. Wright, Mary Hayes, Lori Amor, Mik Hobson, Helen Stevenson, David F. Byrne, Yves Riguidel.

A big Thank you! to Hatchery Artists and Le Labo des Arts for hosting this engaging and interesting event!



Spring SwitchOff


In honour of the Coronation, for the Spring SwitchOFF, Artcore hosted a big lunch as part of Eden Communities Big Lunch. The evening was filled with delicious afternoon tea, nibbles and finger food, some great poetry, and of course, amazing music by our very own singer-songwriter, Phoebe Shaw.

The next SwitchOFF will be our summer edition in August. We will keep you posted on details nearer that time.



Untold Stories


We are pleased to invite you to the launch event of the Untold Stories Project on Wednesday 21st June and 11:30 at the Sahahra Centre.

We will be introducing this new stage of our project at Sahahra Centre and we are welcoming everyone to take part and share their stories in an engaging taster activity.

There will also be refreshments at the event.

We look forward to the launch of this exciting project!

Venue: Sahahra – Arboretum Park, Rosehill Lodge, 75 Rosehill Street, Derby DE23 8FZ
Date & Time: 21st June – 11:30am

For more information or to book a place, contact via email: OR Call: 01332 384 561


Darley Swifts


For our ‘Darley Swifts’ project we have been working with a group of 5-6 year old students at Walter Evans Primary School, Derby. We created a Mosaic Arts trail that responded to the project theme —  the Declining Population of Swifts in Britain. Focusing on the area of Darley Park,  students explored conservation ideas and issues, immersing themselves in nature, as well as developing skills in collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

We planned this project along with our professional artist Nicki Dennett, Cllr Alison Martin who is the local party Councillor for Darley Ward, and David Winslow, Community Parks Officer.

Supported by Artcore, artist Nicki Dennett facilitated sessions at the school, where students learnt about the lives of Swifts, the importance of these birds in the natural cycle, and hence the need to conserve their habitats. A representative from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and the Derbyshire Swift Conservation Project, Mick Hardwick, introduced the students to the hazards and dangers that the Swifts are facing, with an engaging and inspiring presentation. The students also explored Darley Park, observing the habitats for all wildlife and, inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy, they created their own miniature Land Art with natural ‘found’ materials.

The students consolidated their experiences and learning into meaningful outcomes, each creating their own unique mosaic. They are very proud of these beautiful artworks!

The mosaics will be installed and displayed at Darley Park in Derby as an Arts Trail, which, we hope, will create an inspiring legacy for the project.

Please join us at our launch event for the opening of the Mosaic Arts Trail at Darley Park, Derby at 2 pm on Thursday, June 22nd. We hope to see you there!




Art Workshops



Printmaking Workshops with Artist Nicki Dennett


Thursday Evening from 6.00pm to 8.00pm at Artcore Gallery
£25.00 for 2hr session

Join artist Nicki Dennett in her guided printmaking workshops, commencing in April! Classes will be on every Thursday from 6 – 8 pm at Artcore Gallery, 8 Albert St, Osnabruck Square. Participants will start off with basic mono printing techniques and will gradually learn to create complex multi-layered prints.

Book Now at:


Pottery Classes with Kathryn Borg


Pottery Classes with Kathryn Borg – Saturdays 1pm – 3pm
£25 per session

Join us on Saturdays to a have a go at pottery. Ceramic artist Kathryn Borg will be teaching participants how to create ceramic ware at the Artcore Gallery.

The sessions are from 1 – 3 pm @ £25 per 2-hour session. All materials, tuition and glazing included.

To book please call 01332 366623 or email or visit our website.



1-TO-3 Free Art Sessions at Cultural Hub


Free Art Classes are held on week days at Artcore Cultural Hub from 1 – 3 pm.

If you haven’t been to one yet, come along and have some fun, exploring a new technique today!


Sew and Socialise


FREE on Mondays 1pm – 3pm at Artcore Gallery

Drop in sessions every Monday! Get out of your comfort zone, meet and engage with new people in a creative space. You can bring along your own sewing project or learn embroidery techniques with our artist Nicki Dennett.

Booking: Just drop-in at Artcore Gallery – 8 Albert Street, Osnabruck Square, Derby DE1 2DS


Knit and Natter


FREE on Tuesdays 1pm – 3pm at Artcore Gallery

After the huge success of BBC Radio Derby’s Make-a-Blanket appeal, we are continuing the Knit-and-Natter sessions this New Year. Join a vibrant group of people and come together to learn knitting techniques. Whatever your skill level, we provide a space where you can meet new people, share stories, knit together, share techniques and even grab some great refreshments from our Café!

Booking: Just drop-in at Artcore Gallery – 8 Albert Street, Osnabruck Square, Derby DE1 2DS



Craft Creations


FREE on Fridays 1:00pm – 3:00pm at Artcore Gallery

Linda Foot will host Paper Craft sessions every Friday at the Artcore Gallery. Learn Paper Crafting Techniques, Embossing, Rubber-Stamping, Water colours, and much more.

Booking: Just drop-in at Artcore Gallery – 8 Albert Street, Osnabruck Square, Derby DE1 2DS



Number Narratives


Last week, artist Dawn Champion taught our participants how to create Desk Accessories using rolled maps.

Artist Caroline Ainsworth delivered the Number Narrative sessions and she has been encouraging participants to test out different methods of making structures with clay.

Number Narratives is open to adults aged 19 and above who have not attained a higher maths qualification and want to gain employability skills.

Venue: 3 Charnwood Street, Derby DE1 2GT
Date & Time: Every Friday from the 18th November 2022 – 10am-1pm

To book your FREE place contact OR Call: 01332 384 561.



The Art of Healing



These sessions are aimed at bringing the community together to build strong relationships and to improve mental health through the creative process.

Art of Healing at the Artcore Community Hub

Art of Healing Community
In Art of Healing Community sessions, artist Jane Dearden has been looking at aspects of Art History and Art Styles with the participants.

Art of Healing Health and Well-being
Participants have been working with ceramic artist Kathryn Borg, to learn techniques with clay and create their own ceramic ware.

Art of Healing, Children and Young People
Artist Jon Legge has been running photography and photo art workshops with the young people which they have thoroughly enjoyed.

Art of Healing Community – Tuesdays – 10 am – 1 pm
Venue – 3 Charnwood Street, Derby

Art of Healing Health and Wellbeing – Wednesdays – 10 am – 1 pm
Venue – 3 Charnwood Street, Derby

Art of Healing Children and young people – Thursdays – 4:30 – 6:30 pm (ages 6 -15)
Venue – 3 Charnwood Street, Derby

To book a FREE place Call: 01332 384 561 or Email:


Art For Life


Art For Life – Wednesdays 1:15pm-3:15pm

In our Art for Life sessions, Linda Foot has been leading a variety of craft workshops working with paper, watercolours and other medium.

Art For Life is a creative art workshop running every Wednesday afternoon. Open to all ages, including those with health problems and learning difficulties. These sessions are engaging, exploring a variety of art mediums to spark expression whilst encouraging socialising and learning of new skills.


Our group sessions are for 2 hours @ £10 for 1 hour per participant. All materials and refreshments are included in the cost. Limited free parking on site is available. There will be a professional artist leading the session.


Please get in touch with us on or alternatively give us a call on 01332 384 561.






Cafe & Shop at Albert Street




Did you know that we have received a 5 star feedback rating from all our customers! If you haven’t yet been to our Café to try our delicious fusion food, you must come soon. We have added even more tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes in the menu and have some fantastic new lunch deals!

Follow Artcore Shop and Café at @artcore_shop_and_cafe


Scan below to see our vegetarian & vegan cafe menu! 



Artcore Kits



Have you tried out any of the Craft Kits yet? Get your inspiration flowing with bespoke, hand-made Craft Kits that include various materials to get your hands busy with!

From water colour testing, ink painting to mosaic collaging, there will be something of interest for everyone.

Pop into our Shop and grab yourself a kit, prices starting at just £7.99! Discover your creativity!



Donate to Artcore
and be a part of our wall mural!



Don’t miss a golden chance to add your name to our wall mural, with our custom made plaques. Your donation will help Artcore to continue to provide free art activities and facilities to our diverse communities.

For more details and how to donate, get in touch via Email: or Call: 01332 384 561





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