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The Monday Night Write

We always think there will be time to write.

We think when the washing is done. When the list to do is complete, when the kitchen table is tidy. We think we’ll then make time and space to write. But, more often than not, something ‘important’ crops up and steals our writing time away.

What if you made a commitment to your writing? What if you showed up and wrote that chapter you’ve been thinking about? What if you carved out some time in your busy week to draft the blog post that’s been burning in the back of your mind?

You can start working on your novel. You can complete your memoir. You can draft that poem. You can sit and journal. And we can help.

At Derbyshire Writing School, we’re launching a mini writing retreat . Join us for a Monday Night Write. We’re hosting a mini writing retreat in Buxton, Derbyshire. It’s about time we all got together.

We’ll start with very short introductions; set some writing goals and then you’ll be off. In your own privately hired café. With no distractions, a sprinkle of background music, and a boost of coffee and cake to fuel your creativity.

🙌 Imagine starting the week with some words under your belt.

🙌 Imagine starting your week by making space for yourself.

🙌 Imagine starting the week in a mindful way.

That’s what the Monday Night Write is all about.

What’s Included?
A steamy hot drink of your choice

A tasty slice of homemade cake

A lucky dip of optional writing prompts if you need a little inspiration

A Supportive environment.

A little peace and quiet and time to write.

The Cafe At Green Pavilion, 4 Terrace Road, Buxton SK17 6DR.

You can find the nearest car park at Buxton Town Hall (The Slopes) – Buxton Town Hall, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6DZ. It’s free after 6pm. Alternatively, you’ve might be able to snatch a spot on Hardwick Street.

We’re hoping to make Monday Night Write a monthly event. We’re starting with two dates:

Monday 26th April, 7:30pm-9pm.

Monday 23rd May, 7:30pm-9pm.

How will it work?
You’ll need to bring a writing project, a laptop or a pen and paper/ your favourite journal.

We’ll have some writing prompts if you need them, but bring the project that you’ve been desperate to work on. We’ll be writing in sprints, which allows you to get into a mindful space. There will also be a quick burst at the end of the session to share some reflections.

For more information or for tickets, please visit or email

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