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Stainsby Newsflash: June-July 2021

The extension to the lockdown rules announced tonight means they don’t expire until the day AFTER the Festival is supposed to finish (and there’s no guarantee they won’t be extended again). So, thanks to the government’s announcement… we’re NOT on. Gutted.

Well we’ve put all our resources and planning into running from the 16th to 18th July which was hard enough during the pandemic, so we’re not going to be pulling any rabbits from any hats in a hurry.

To make sure Stainsby has a future beyond this crisis, we’re not going to try and throw money we don’t have (and won’t get back) at any cobbled together alternative that might or might not work. We need to digest this blow and ponder. If we can do something special, we will – and we’ll let you know.

Whatever we do, we want to be sure we protect all of you – the whole Stainsby Family – and see the Festival back in full health when all this is over.


What Happens if I’ve Bought Tickets?

So, making good our pledge, you can claim a refund or rollover your tickets (guaranteeing this year’s prices for next year), whichever you decide. There is a third alternative -if you can afford to (and are feeling very charitable) – you could donate the money to the festival to help us through the cost of all this or support the Fields Appeal which is now 50% of the way there.

To try and make this all as speedy and painless as possible. Can we ask for your help here?
• If you want a refund email:
• If you want a rollover email:
• If you want to donate email:


Is There any Good News?

We’re on next year 15th-17th July 2022. We’ll see you there. The sun will be shining. The music will play. The ale will flow. And all will be right with the world on Stainsby’s magical fields. Stay Safe till then!

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