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Help Arts Derbyshire Raise Funds Using Give as you Live – Here Are Some Creative Ideas!

Arts Derbyshire is a registered charity that relies on donations, grants and funding along with the generous support of many volunteers who help keep this resource free to use for users of this website. We have registered our charity with Give As You Live and gratefully receive any donations you would like to give through this platform.

But there are other ways to fundraise for us if the arts in Derbyshire is something that is important to you. Read on!


What is Give As you Live? 

First launched in 2010, Give As You Live allows for people from all walks of life to create fun fundraising campaigns for their favorite charities. Thanks to social media and an increasing social awareness, these type of webpages have gained tremendous popularity not only due to the fact that they help support important causes, but also by providing people with the driving need to be held accountable for personal challenges they set for themselves, ensuring they see the challenges they set for themselves through to the end.  

Give AYou Live provides a service where you can create one of these fundraising pages to support multiple charities through a single campaign. It is simple and easy to do, and though there is a 1.9% platform fee and 2.9% payment processing fee that is taken from the amount raised, donors can, if they wish, choose to cover that cost.  

If you love the arts and creativity as much as we do, and you are interested in supporting your local creative community, there are ways in which you can support Arts Derbyshire whilst also flexing your creative muscles! 

By taking on a creative challenge and combining this with a fundraising campaign, you can help support our organization whilst also bringing your skills to new creative heights. By posting your results on social media under a fun hashtag and with a link back to your donations page, you can promote your work, your campaign, and our cause all at once. 

If this sounds something you’re interested in doing, but don’t know what creative challenge to undertake, we’ve compiled a short list of ideas below. 


Three Creative Fundraising Ideas to Help Support Arts Derbyshire


1. 100 Days Challenge  

The 100 Days Challenge was created by Michael Bierut, and it involves people choosing a creative project and completing it every day for 100 days, while sharing the process through social media. 

This is a great idea for a fundraising campaign, where you can choose an activity of your choice and post your daily progress on social media with a link back to your fundraising page, which adds another worthwhile facet to your endeavour. 

Feel like 100 days is too much? Don’t worry! You’re free to adjust the timeframe to suit your schedule and needs. The important part of the challenge is to have created something consistently for a consecutive number of days and to have shared the results with your social media followers which helps attract a following and attention for your activities. 

Do you love drawing? Then perhaps for 100 days, you can draw a flower, or a scene, or a sketch based on a daily diaryMaybe you want to write 100 poems over 100 days, or develop a piece of creative writing.  You could try making one page comic strips, or quick how to tutorials or share a tip-a-day.  Omaybe you are a musician and would like to play a different piece every day, or photographers could take and post photographs that all fall under the same theme.  

If you’re feeling daring, perhaps you can try to take on a new skill and use this as your starting point. 


2. Cook or Bake Your Way Through a Cookbook

Bake sales are a common feature of fundraising activities, and so how about twisting the idea on its head to a virtual Bake Off? 

Based on Julia Powell’s experience that were adapted into the 2009 movie Julie and Julia, this challenge involves choosing either a favorite cookbook of your choice and cooking through every single recipe of it.  

But you don’t have to limit yourself to professionally published cookbooks. If you wish, you can add a twist to this challenge by, rather than cooking your way through a cookbook, instead you could gather a number of family recipes (be it of your own family or, if they’re willing to share, of your friend’s) and cook your way through those.  

You can also attempt to do multiple variations of the same dish to try and discover which recipe is the best.  The options are endless and will provide for an incredible learning experience that the supporters of your fundraising campaign will be eager to follow along.  


3. One Big Project

We’ve all heard stories of artists completing their masterpiece. While this challenge would not necessarily require you to craft something of this magnitude, perhaps instead of completing numerous different small projects, your fundraising page can focus on the process of completing one single big project.   

This differs from the two challenges already outline above in that rather than focusing on completing smaller activities each day, your efforts will be directed towards one single final product, and your documentation will be of the work in progress. A great idea if you’ve always wanted to finish off that novel you’ve been writing by adding a prescribed character count to your novel every day! 

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to create a beautiful vintage 1920s dress. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to paint a beautiful landscape scene that inspires you. Regardless of what the project is, this challenge would require you to complete it within a given timeframe and to document the process to your social media followers to help advertise your fundraising page.



We hope we’ve provided some inspiration to help you kickstart a fundraising idea.  Arts Derbyshire is registered on Give As You Live and we’d really appreciate you registering an account to fundraise.

If you chose to take on a fundraising challenge where Arts Derbyshire are the beneficiary, then get in touch with us.  We’d love to hear your plans and we can help you promote your activity on our social media channels to get you lots of attention for your activity.   


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