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Find yourself in the woods with an exhibition of striking paintings by Anthony Whishaw RA at the Harley Foundation.

Anthony Whishaw: Treescapes will be on show at the Harley Foundation, Nottinghamshire from 20 April until 14 July. This free entry exhibition shows eight of Whishaw’s large-scale tree paintings, interpreting the artist’s first-hand experiences and memories of forests and woodland.

Anthony Whishaw started painting 75 years ago. He discovered a love of drawing and painting whilst at school and has never looked back. He subsequently went on to study at Chelsea School of Art followed by the Royal College of Art alongside Frank Auerbach and Bridget Riley. His work has been shown in countless galleries across Europe and beyond and he has been a member of the Royal Academy since 1980.

A voracious painter, Whishaw’s work deals with explorations of memory and experience. Ranging from small works on paper to 6-metre-long canvases, his work sits on the edge of representation. He is fascinated by the natural patterns and drama found in woodland, with their density of overlapping twigs and trunks, wavering leaves and swirling birds.

These large, multi-layered, textural artworks provide an almost immersive experience, turning the gallery into a painted forest for visitors to explore.

Treescapes is a rare chance to experience eight of Whishaw’s large paintings. Highlights include December’s Wind which measures over 3-metres wide and took 15 years to complete and the even larger Autumn Wind, Leaves and Birds (pictured above) which Whishaw worked on for 11 years.

Lisa Gee, Director of the Harley Foundation said “This exhibition is an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in an experience of trees and perhaps begin to see woodland from a different perspective. Much like listening to a piece of music – Anthony’s paintings spark an emotional response, transporting us out of the gallery.”

Anthony Whishaw: Treescapes is one of four new contemporary exhibitions at the Harley Foundation exploring trees and woodland. Other exhibitions include photography by Paul Hart, drawings by Mark Frith and glass by Effie Burns. For more information and press releases on these exhibitions, contact Alexandra Powell

  • –  Anthony Whishaw: Treescapes is on show at the Harley Foundation, Nottinghamshire from 20 April – 14 July 2024.
  • –  The exhibition is free to enter and there is a large, free car park.
  • –  The Gallery is open Tuesday – Sunday. Please check

    for opening times.

  • –  The Harley Foundation is on the Welbeck estate, on the A60 south of Worksop. It is 15 minutes from both the A1 and M1.


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