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Artwork submission by jimbob14283 @

The artwork is the oil paint portrait of a family lurcher dog called Dexter, a rescue dog. A dog represents faith and loyalty. The painting visually is accurate in Dexter of his fur texture is pure white with smooth texture whilst more texture of half the face in appearance personalized and unique. Dexter’s face is expressive, a clear characteristic of personality.

Rescuer refers to both rescue dogs, but the dog rescues the owner as a part of the family, with love and respect. The lurcher at the beginning of fear is an unknown experience that probably is revealed. Dexter has flaws and is frightened but swiftly part of the family. The fiery background represents Dexter’s flaws and personality an energetic full life, but like fire in nature if treated unreasonably could blow up not intentionally being uncontrol. Dexter’s unknown experience with their previous owner is a sad mystery as wanting to help an innocent life but only presuming what happen to him.

‘Rescue does not mean damaged; it means they have been let down by humans’

The orange is representing Dexter’s enthusiastic love and fascination with a dog’s intelligence. Dexter is quite an expressive, communicated lurcher that understands what is said to him. As a dog orange represents a need for fun and excitement toward the family and expresses unconditional love and human gives passion back to the dog, as the dog is more than a pet a dog is a loyal friend that is trust and cares. Dexter may in his life be constantly scared that his heart is unlimited toward love is welcoming, and potentially can be toward strangers if treated right.

‘A dog may get rescued by a human, but a dog rescues their owners’

Artwork submission by jimbob14283 @


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