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Artcore Residency: Untitled

We received a number of strong applications for our new residency Untitled. Untitled is a drawing-based residency for artists looking to hone their skills in drawing and reflect on the role of the medium, both in their individual practices as well as the larger world today.

We selected 2 Derby/Derbyshire based artist for the residency:


Through her ongoing practice, artist Emily Bottomer (b. 1997, Derby) explores the complexities of her identity and past experiences as a working-class British woman who grew up in a mixed Christian setting. Using techniques that are both laborious and time intensive, her processes are equally as important as the works she produces. With graphite, charcoal and paints she creates work that explores shadow and darkness in the presence of vivid, luminous colour. Often creating larger works in the expanded field, Bottomer explores the validity and importance of both drawing and painting in contemporary fine art.


Nicki Dennett’s art is deeply rooted in a connection to nature, drawing inspiration from changing seasons, patterns and textures of the landscape, and the way light falls on surfaces. The use of colour is also a prominent feature, with bold, bright hues that capture the energy and vitality of the natural world. Her work resonates with viewers of all ages and backgrounds, offering a unique perspective on the world around us. Whether depicting the beauty of nature or the complexity of human emotion, her work is a celebration of life, energy, and creativity.

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