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Derbyshire Arts, Health and Wellbeing Working Group

Derbyshire Arts, Health and Wellbeing Working Group (AHWWG) was established under Arts Derbyshire to deliver the initial programme of work as set out in the Pfizer Foundation UK-funded project arts:impact. The group continue to oversee and guide Arts Derbyshire Arts and Health projects, and carry out additional work to establish a sustainable and strategic development framework for Arts, Health and Wellbeing across Derbyshire.

The Working Group comprises Arts Development workers, Derbyshire arts organisations, health experts and academia and currently includes: Derbyshire County Council (Arts Service, Intergenerational Service and Public Health), High Peak Community Arts, Erewash Borough Council and the University of Derby. The group guides the work of the Arts, Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator.

Our vision:

To use the arts to improve mental and physical wellbeing across Derbyshire, and to embed the arts as a recognised and effective tool for the improvement of wellbeing and quality of life.

Our purpose:

To increase the numbers of people who are participating in arts and creative activity and who as a result are experiencing improvement in mental or physical wellbeing, with an emphasis on providing opportunities for and working with vulnerable groups in need of such intervention.

Our strategic aims:
  • To develop and monitor a shared action plan to improve mental and physical health and wellbeing through the arts which meets the needs of the communities of Derbyshire and supports the achievement of Derbyshire Health Strategies and the aims of Arts Derbyshire and other partners.

  • To work in partnership to generate more funding for arts and health work directed towards agreed priorities.

  • To understand the evidence base, and support and develop projects that meet need.

  • To champion the role of the arts in promoting health and wellbeing at a strategic level, and to embed this in key strategy and policy documents.

  • To raise the profile of arts, health and wellbeing work within all partner organisations and the wider community.

  • To disseminate information, knowledge, good practice and skills between those involved in arts, health and wellbeing work across Derbyshire. 

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