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The Long Eaton Art Room represents one of Derbyshire’s most active spaces for the arts. It’s a voluntary organization which believes passionately that anyone can benefit from the therapeutic qualities of art & craft making. 

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Long Eaton Art Room WorkshopThe Long Eaton Art Room was established in April 2006 by a group of enthusiastic creative people for the general public to use as a meeting place where they can relax, have fun making things and learn at their own pace. The space continues to this day to be an open and welcoming place for people to learn about and engage with the arts.  

The Long Eaton Art Room runs a series of weekly ‘Open Studio Sessions’ where participants can create whatever they like, at their own pace, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

 In addition to this on the first Sunday of every month run a series of ‘Creative Workshops’ offering more in depth opportunities to explore creative techniques. Each of these workshops is run and organized by an experienced designer to guide participants through an exciting project.

As well as this, the organization has built strong ties with a number of community groups and local schools running creative workshops at either the Art Room or at specific community events. Such work has helped The Long Eaton Art Room build a reputation as an important community asset.  

Long Eaton Art Room ExhibitionThe facilities on offer at the Long Eaton Art Room include a large open studio, a dedicated textile room, and a separate workshop for messy projects as well as outdoor area for the warmer months.  There is also an array of equipment that includes Kilns, a bench drill, scroll saw, vacuum former, enamelling kiln, printing press, weaving looms, spinning wheel, sewing machines, knitting machine, potters wheel,  letter press, and wide variety of hand tools for all sorts of crafts.

Additionally the Long Eaton Art Room offers a number of Artists Studio Spaces that offer individual, lockable units available to rent in a secure alarmed building, right next to the community rooms.

If you are interested in any of the facilities and opportunities offered by the Long Eaton Art Room then you can access their webpagehere.

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Angela Thompson

Angela Thompson

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Paula Sharples

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Richard Bett

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