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The arts scene and cultural heritage of Derbyshire

Derbyshire has been both home and inspiration for artists through the ages and the county has a rich cultural heritage. We will bring you articles about the cultural heritage of Derbyshire and profiles of practicing artists operating in the County in the present day.

Explore the rich cultural heritage of Derbyshire

We developed a series of articles in 2009 that examined the rich cultural heritage of the county of Derbyshire. Early dictionaries originated in Derbyshire, compiler Dr Samuel Johnson was a Derby resident. Martial arts have strong associations with modern day dance still practiced in Derbyshire.  The bouncing bomb that turned the fortunes of the Second World War was tested in Derbyshire as well as providing the backdrop to the classic film of the Dam Busters telling the story.  Illustrious actors such as Alan Bates and Oliver Reed have wrestled in Derbyshire and a variety of period actors and actresses have gazed wistfully over the beautiful scenes unique to this County. 

Discover the hugely talented artists that hail from this County

Katherine TowersDerbyshire has produced great artists across all artforms, some of whom have international recognition such as fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and actor John Hurt.  We've put together a series of artists profiles to compliment the Heritage series of articles, and so read on to find out who is doing what in which parts of Derbyshire!

This month, read all about the the hugely inspiring and accomplished Derbyshire-based poet Katharine Towers (pictured).

Get involved! 

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Featured artists

Angela Thompson

Angela Thompson

Paula Sharples

Paula Sharples

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Richard Bett


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