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March 2015

Rural evidence and data review
Analysis of Arts Council England's investment, arts and cultural participation and audiences

February 2015

A New Destination for the Arts, Between a RoCC and a Hard Place - Reflections, Recommendations and Conclusion A GPS Culture report on the distribution of arts funding. Authors: Christopher Gordon, David Powell, and Peter Stark

Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and GrowthThe Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value's report; the Commissionís analysis throws down a sharp challenge to all those who value how culture enriches peopleís lives.

January 2015

Cultural activities, artforms and wellbeing
Arts Council England report on the impact of arts and culture on wellbeing.The report found that arts and culture activities score very highly in terms of both positive effects on happiness and relaxation, above leisure activities like watching TV or drinking alcohol. With people scoring their happiest whilst taking part in theatre, dance and concerts whilst museums and libraries rate most highly for relaxation.

Arts Council England toolkits
Toolkits on various aspects of the arts: 

Arts Council England advocacy toolkit
 'Collectively, we can tell a powerful story about the value of public investment in arts and culture.'

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