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Creative learning

Why creative learning?

Change is occurring faster than ever in the world around us. We need to learn to cope with this change, and more importantly, learn to thrive on it, and find positive ways of harnessing it for ourselves and others. This is where creative learning comes in. It gives young people the ability to imagine how the world could be different. Young people also need the confidence to try out their new ideas, the strength to cope with success or failure, and the tools to learn from their experience.

Creative Partnerships is a national initiative that started in 2002 with Derby Creative Partnerships starting in 2005, and Bolsover, Ashfield and Mansfield Creative Partnerships starting in 2005.

It aims to:

  • raise the aspirations and achievements of young people and equip them with skills for life.

  • develop the abilities of teachers and their capacity to work with creative professionals.

  • encourage the continued growth of the creative industries.

"Young people need the tools to conceptualise how the world could be different and the inner confidence and motivation to make it happen. We understand that creativity is not simply about doing the arts - it is about questioning, making connections, inventing and reinventing, about flexing the imaginative muscles. We do believe, however, that working with creative professionals from many different art forms and disciplines help develop creative thinking, as these processes are central to the work of such practitioners."
Creative Partnerships 2003

It is clear that both schools and artists are passionate about this kind of work - not just as an exciting project for the pupils, but a chance to work together to find out more about the relationship between learning, teaching and creativity relating to their own working practice in their own settings.


Caroline Barth
Creative Partnerships, Derby.

Chris Batstone
Creative Partnerships, Bolsover, Ashfield and Mansfield. email: 

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